Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Who are these people?

I write to you tonight from Hartford, Connecticut (ok, how many of you can spell
Connecticut without the use of a spell checker? Not me!)

Anyway, the topic of today's blog is "Local people who hang out at a hotel bar".

So (in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice ... which is actually ... well, not so good), "what's the deal with people who hang out in hotel bars when they're not staying at the hotel?).

Ok, so I'm stuck in Hartford, Conn ... ect ... i ... cut .. for what started as a four day trip and has now morphed into a 9-day trip. I've been working like a dog -- well, working quite unlike a dog to be honest. Let's just say that I've been working a lot, as in nearly every hour that I've been awake, including the weekend. Anyway, when I can't stand my room or our offices no longer, I venture down to the hotel bar and grill which fortunately has wireless Internet access and a livelier atmosphere for people watching than Room 510 at the Hartford Crowne Plaza.

So, let's just jump to the present and broadcast live from the Crowne Plaza Hartford pub ... on Monday night, April 4 around 10:30 PM.

The guy at the table next to me is talking "business executive talk", while hitting on some girl who is accompanying him. I can't tell if she's a working girl or not, but something seems fishy here. He's way too much into the business talk -- and she's obviously not into it at all, but playing along. "You see, we're presenting to the Board of Directors tomorrow an option for leveraging the ... blah blah blah." Her response: "Really, wow, that's very interesting." I'm actually shocked at how much he's going on and on about work and how much she's feigning interest. Good grief, it's obvious that she doesn't care about this and quite obvious that they don't really know each other. Brass tacks, anyone?

Ok ... here we go, the night is picking up pace ... there's the group of what has grown to be 20 people to my left. They're all locals -- I can tell from the conversations (which, yes, I've been eavesdropping on). I just don't know what to say about his group. I mean, they're hanging out a hotel bar in downtown Hartford -- not even a stylish, hip bar. Come on, Hartford isn't New York or DC. It's not really an interesting downtown city to hang out in ... well, based on my one week of residency here!

Why are these locals hanging out at this hotel bar? I just don't get this. They're the loudest group in the bar though. This must be THE PLACE for this group of 20 or so. Well, to their credit, they seem to be having a great time.

In walks an airline pilot -- looking like he just stepped out of the 1960s, replete with a pilot's cap and dated overcoat. He grabs a drink and departs - hopefully to his room and not the cockpit of a 757.

There are at least 100 people in here now -- many of them standing. I'm fairly confident that I'm the only one blogging though!

Ok ... more to report on ... now, all I can hear over this crowd is the "I mean, seriously" girl.

"I mean, seriously, I'm working so hard now."

"I mean, seriously, he really said that."

"I mean, seriously, that's not what happened."

"I mean , seriously, I want a baby so bad."

Stop the presses!!! Errrkkkkk!!!!!!

I promise you that I quoted her words verbatim. Absolutely verbatim. That's the fourth sentence that I heard from her -- from nearly 50 feet away -- over the sounds of 100 people and basketball games on four TVs.

"I mean, seriously, I want a baby so bad." That's precisely what she voiced loudly -- while holding a bottle of Bud Light and leaning in oh so closely to this guy she seemed to have met only 10 minutes ago.

The bizarreness at this place astounds me.

Moving on ... lots of guys here -- who are way into "the game". To me, basketballs are being tossed around -- I'll look up during the last 30 seconds and enjoy my involvement in the final decision.

Only a few of us are still punching away at our keyboards.

What are the others typing? Work emails? Messages to loved ones? Blogs? Who knows!

Me? Well, I'm sitting here feigning interest in the UNC-IL game, which I honestly don't know what significance it has to March Madness. Since it's April now, I assume that we're in serenity and cooperation month, but as far as this yogi knows, madness still prevails.

Ok ... another interruption, a woman just appeared in front of the locals group -- they clapped and her response was that she was hoping the guys from last night didn't remember her. Yes, she said "guys".

UNC won -- this is exciting it seems ... many guys clapped. I, uh ... well, I kept typing this blog ... not really knowing if it would be more cool to clap and yell for UNC or finish my blog! I'll err to my readers -- even though I'm quite confident you are out-numbered by UNC fans.

And so it ends ... UNC wins, locals continue to party, loud baby-wantin' girl continues to work the crowd, business exec leaves with feigning-interest girl, and blog guy hits the submit button and goes to bed.

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