Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good as new, well almost

Home from the hospital now! And already missing the way the nurses instantaneously responded to my every need. I'm going to have to see if I can install one of those buttons by my chair here at home to buzz Jeff whenever I need anything... (!)

I also kind of miss my hospital roommate, a nice Swiss woman named Esther. She didn't speak any English, and neither did the nurses, so needless to say I got a crash-course of (Swiss) German practice over the weekend! Esther lived nearby with her family and their 22 cows... Whenever her family came in to visit her, there was a definite dairy smell that filled the room -- I'm not kidding! and it would linger for hours. When they were there they would play Swiss music on the radio, which I didn't mind since it went well with the scenery outside the window :)

Last night when Jeff showed up to take me home, I walked out a little with the crutches, and then "miraculously" threw them down and started walking on my own... Ta-da!!

It feels like a miracle - Only 3 days after surgery and I can walk (almost) normal, without any crutches or anything. Yahoooooo!!

One key ingredient is my fancy-dancy Swiss shoes... called K├╝nzli Schuhe. They have orthopedic supports built-in. And see, aren't they sexy...

I had expected to have a big ol' boot or cast, so to have normal-looking shoes, and ones that help me walk, was a very happy surprise.

So now that I can get around, I have no excuse not to get back to my regular "Hausfrau" duties (darn!). I don't have any pain (although maybe that's due to all the pain meds I take 4 times a day...keep 'em comin!). I also have to give myself an injection in the leg, every day for 6 weeks, to prevent thrombosis. Ugh!

The good news is that the doc said I can bike again in two weeks. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Hey, since I can bike but can't ski anymore this season, maybe I can finally try out one of those Swiss SnowBikes...
I'll let you know how that one goes... (good thing I have the insurance now!)



Sean said...

Even if you can't snowbike, you absolutely must get the gear! Can you imagine the looks you would get if you wore that outfit to the grocery store?...especially the helmet! LOL!!!

i8chocolate said...

Yahoo! It's a miracle! Glad to hear you're already good to go, almost. Just make sure Jeff doesn't find out...you need him to wait on you hand and foot:)

Sid said...

6 weeks of shots? Jody was lucky, only 4 wks of belly shots (by me!) for DVT. Amazing meds are da bomb!

Sandy & Dick said...

Being able to navigate w/o the 'outriggers' is fantastic. Wish those boots had been available way back when with my first skiing accident! Good luck with your recovery.

Anonymous said...

Becky, this means you will buzz every metal detector at the airport!! Glad I didn't read this until you had written that you were OK! The pictures you guys post are wonderful. Can't wait to hear about the next safe adventure!! Gary (from MARC).

Jon said...

So glad to hear you're recovering nicely. Were you outfitted properly with the right coverage?

We're trying to get the message out that it's just as important to have the right insurance in place as it is to have the right gear (skis, poles, outer wear, etc)

Becky said...

When you join Rega you're automatically insured for any necessary helicopter services. So, I suggest that anyone who skis in Europe off-piste become a member of Rega today - You never know when it might come in handy! (plus it's just a good service to support)