Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter from snowy Switzerland!

How is it that it hasn't really snowed here all winter, and now starting with the first day of spring, it has snowed every day?!? It just started sticking in the backyard...Well at least it makes it easier to hide the Easter eggs... Especially if you're too lazy to color them ;) Here they sell eggs already colored at the grocery store - no kidding! Guess that saves everyone time for church and then to hit the ski slopes afterward -- Our village is totally empty today, and I think everyone has gone skiing except us.

We had originally expected to have visitors this weekend, but that didn't work out so we have some unexpected free time. Jeff is using the time to get ready for his upcoming multi-day mega-ultramarathon race, and spreading the word electronically about the related UNICEF fundraiser, and I am getting a crash-course in learning how to be a personal chef/nutritionist as I try to fix the best meals possible to power him through a week in the desert... So I guess I have to think of something other than the usual Swiss cheese fondue or wienerschnitzel huh (!)

Hope you all are enjoying your day!


i8chocolate said...

Wow, I can't believe you're finally getting! Don't think I've ever skied for Easter. Jeff is lucky to have such a cool Hausfrau. The countdown has exciting!

Sandy & Dick said...

We certainly can't compete with Switzerland, but we had snow here in Mayberry this morning! Welcome spring???

Anonymous said...

People don't understand.... But let me explain it to you once again: Skiing season lasts from DECEMBER to JUNE! Who would wanna miss the days when you ski in the morning and on your way home, you jump into the lake for a nice little cool down! :-)
Welcome to Switzerland!