Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update from the desert

Wow, I just have to share my excitement - I got an update from Jeff about his race experience yesterday, and I can't believe it - He led the main (non-elites) pack through the desert for the long (47-mile) day! You can read his personal account on his blog here.

And here's a picture they had of him on the race website:Think it's hot there or something?? Nah, must've just had something in his eye ;)

One reason I keep saying I can't believe it is because of the big change that Jeff has made over the years that I've known him. I remember a time when I used to try to get him to go jogging with me, just down the block... but he wouldn't/couldn't do it. And now...... (?!!) Quite a change! More on that later.

I've had a friend staying here with me this week, and a couple more arriving from Amsterdam to visit this weekend... So we will all be here celebrating this exciting news! Have a great weekend!


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Sandy & Dick said...

I think I can; I think I can! Way to go, Jeff!!!!!! Woohaaaa...