Thursday, May 1, 2008


Musical greetings from Nendaz (ok, "musical" may be stretching it after the first day, but oh well we're enjoying it so far!),
Becky and Jeff


Sean said...

Musical greetings? Where's the music?

Jeff Grant said...

Video clip coming soon - just need to get back to Zurich to upload it!

Sandy & Dick said...

So that was the *noise* I heard! hehe

Anonymous said...

You are REALLY REALLY incredible!!!!! And the best example of "visitors" everybody would enjoy to have in their country!
Can't wait to hear you play for real! Only thing that does not really fit yet is the outfit! :-)
You need to work on that one... But please: no "Lederhosen"! Regardless of what most Americans seem to think, those are from Germany and Austria, but NOT Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Hui, forgot to sign, but it was easy to guess, wasn't it?
Greetings from Martina :-)