Thursday, July 3, 2008

In the news...

I haven't forgotten - I still owe the summary of the second half of May, not to mention all of June... We're really busy experiencing things, but not saving time to document/share them! For now I just want to share a couple recent news articles where Hillseekers have been mentioned...

Tour de Suisse: We biked up the pass where the time trial was held on Saturday, and brought along the Alphorns to help us cheer on the riders... Check out this online picture gallery and see if you see anyone you recognize ("subtle" hint: #'s 25, 26, and 35)It was in the Z├╝rich paper too, in the "Rad" section :) (cycling)

The other Hillseeker story was in the AJC today, about Jeff's weight loss 12 years ago... and how he actually has kept it off ever since. It really did change life for the better - for both of us - so we're glad the story can be shared in case it can be an inspiration for others to make a change and improve their life as well.


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chocolate girl said...

I'm brushing up on my Alphorn skills so I can be ready to play in Sept during our rides!?! We had a friend call us to tell us about Jeff's article in the AJC...he doesn't even know Jeff, but recognized his pic from the blog. So cool!