Saturday, August 2, 2008

Marathon des Sables Full Race Report

Well, it took twice as long to recover from the Marathon des Sables than it did to finish my race report! This afternoon I posted the final chapter: Crossing the Hallowed MDS Finish Line. Please feel free to hop over to my MDS blog site to check it out.

In case you missed some of the other MDS race report posts from this summer, I've included links to the full story below. Anyone seeking insight into the keys to unlock a challenge like this will find "The Relentless, Arduous Push to the Finish Part 2" particularly interesting. I've also included audio clips from the race in several of the posts, as well as photos. Enjoy!

My full race report (in stages, just like the race):
Again, my sincere thanks for both long-time and new visitors to my Marathon des Sables blog and supporters of the journey!

All the best from a sunny summer afternoon in Zurich,

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